Monday, April 5, 2010

What's been goin on!

Hello everyone!! I finally got some pictures and I've actually have been doing things to write about! Last weekend was Easter and I don't have all the pictures from the weekend but I will get them soon! I know all these pictures are of my niece but I can't help it!! She is so cute!! But anyways my whole family was in town this weekend for Easter so it was a lot of fun so see my sister and brother in-law who live in Boise! It was nice to have a break from school for a weekend. On Friday I got to get up to my parents house early in the morning so I could help my mom babysit my niece!! It was so fun to play with my niece! She is so funny to watch! On Saturday morning I had wake up at 530 in the morning because I had to be at the hospital at 645 to get a CT scan on my face. Yes, I have to have sinus surgery again! Next month is when it will happen. Not to excited but I'll be able to breath again! Saturday afternoon I got to go to lunch with my mom, sister, sister in-law and of course my niece! It was a fun girls lunch. Sunday everyone was over for Easter lunch! My grandparents were there also which was fun to see them. It was just a very fun weekend to be with my family! I love being around my family because we aren't all together like this very often! Well that's all for now! Sorry if I'm boring but I think my life is some what fun!! Haha

Hannah in her first bathing suit!

Hannah and I and the dinosaur museum!

Wearing her daddy's hat! She is so funny!

Hannah at her first swim class!

I was sitting with her folding my laundry and she kept freaking out so I put her in my laundry basket and as you can see it made her very happy! haha

Hannah and my mom were sitting on the ground and she took my mom's reading glasses off her face and put them on her face! My mom had to help her get them on right but I thought it was so funny I was laughing so hard I was crying! She is so entertaining! This is all we do when we're around her is sit and take pictures of her! haha


  1. She is so cute. Definitely worth taking pictures of. I am glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. I love the hat one. She looks so white gangsta

  3. ally! ur neice is adorable..lunch was fun awhile ago. we should do it again in the fall. la ya

  4. that swimsuit is soooooooooo adorable... hope you are doing good. i miss my hairstylist and friend... and dj.... ha ha love you skank