Friday, March 19, 2010


So I made cookies and I figured out that I am horrible at baking!! I'm mean I didn't just burn those cookies I fried them!! How sad is it that I can't even make cookies from cookie dough? My oven is stupid at my apartment but I also don't really watch things when I but them in the oven. They were only in there for 8 minutes! I'd rather just eat the cookie dough!
I went to lunch with my mom, sister in-law and my cute niece and I took some cute pictures of her. She loves her grandma!! She's getting so big!

She has the bluest eyes!!

For all of you who have seen the etrade commercials on tv I thought this was funny because it reminded me of when that girl comes on and says "Milk-a-what?" haha


  1. So I think your blog may be broken. That or I'm retarded. I tried to post a comment like 4 times and Christa did too. None of them worked. So I'm trying again a few days later. But now I forgot what I was going to say. I think it was something like Milk a what? You are going to need some milk for those cookies! Oh, and you can use our oven, but I'm pretty sure its worse than yours.

  2. Oh, the milk-aholic commercial! I'm sorry about the stupid oven. So tell me, miss me yet?