Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow I am Blonde!!

So this morning I was changing my doorknob and not gonna lie it was the hardest thing I have ever done! It seriously took me about 40 minutes to get it kind of right. One of the screws wouldn't fit in so my doorknob is being held together by one screw. I'm really hoping it doesn't fall off and I get stuck in my room. That would be embarrassing! Oh and another thing I did this week was wash my red duvet cover with the white duvet and now there is a big red spot in the middle of it! I just am having one of the weeks! I even cried during The Bachelor Finale! I was so angry! Jake is an idiot! Well that's all for now!!


  1. I am glad you cried. I should have too. You are funny. I hate school.

  2. its the birth control... i used to cry on american idol all the time... now i am heartless hahahaha love your guts