Sunday, September 12, 2010

All summer long!!

Well I have been really horrible at blogging this summer so I thought I would put some stuff on here really quick. This summer has been busy. I just worked all summer at Great Clips and it was awesome! I still work there but I only work part time now because I started school and I go full time! I have to wake at 5 in the morning so I can get ready for school and I leave my house around 615 to go to school. It makes for a very long day when I have to work after school. Well for some exciting news my niece Hannah turned One this summer! I can't believe she is already one! She is walking too and it is the funniest thing i have ever seen! Something else exciting is that my sister is almost getting ready to have her baby!! She is getting big in the belly! We are so excited for the baby boy to come!!

Hannah is the happiest baby!!
She loves her grandma!!
Can't you tell she is so excited? She's like take the freakin picture already!
now we both look so excited!!
Hannah has the best daddy in the world!
She wasn't too big on opening presents on her birthday but she loved having all the attention on her as usual!
She had fun playing with her cake!
She almost looks like she got caught doing something bad! haha


  1. Ally your niece is so so cute shes getting so big!!! I miss you so! lets see each other in person soon because I would rather hear about your life in person than on your blog. But ill take what I can get. BLOG MORE!