Monday, November 7, 2011

What's New!

So I haven't been on my blog for a really long time so I thought I would kind of update real quick. Not much is new just been doing school and hanging out. I spent a lot of time with my family over the summer and I have had so much fun! Can't wait for my family to all come to my house for Thanksgiving this year and Christmas! My niece turned two this year and I can't believe how big she is getting! She is so fun to be around because she is starting to talk in sentences which is for the most part hilarious because I can't understand her usually! My nephew is turning One tomorrow and I can't believe how fast this first year has gone! He is such a cute little guy and is always happy and he knows he's cute because when you ask him he nods his head yes! But with my life the only thing exciting is that I will soon be done with my associates degree and with either move to Logan to go to Utah State or just go to the U. So that's it! Here are some pictures that were taken over the past couple of months!

My mom, my sister, my nephew Gavin, and me watching fireworks on the fourth of July in Island Park, Idaho. It was cold!

Me, my mom, and my dad in Idaho!

In my grandparents backyard in Island Park, Idaho.

My Whole Family! Love this picture!

Me and my grandma.

My niece Hannah. She was a pirate princess for Halloween!

Me and my nephew Gavin! He was a dragon!

Me and my sister at the Hogle Zoo!

At his first pumpkin patch! It was so fun!

The pirate and the dragon! They are both so cute!!

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